“Eyes for Designs”

“Seek and Design”- Sabrina Alexis

A picture can be described in hundreds of words, all different according to the “eye” of the beholder.

With ““Eyes for Designs””, our goal is to bring creativity and vision alive to the “eyes” of its readers. Launched in September 2011, ““Eyes for Designs””, shows the “seeker” how “designs” are all around, inspiring and captivating ones “views” on the limitless “design” industry; as far as the “eye can see”.

Fashion surrounds us every day.  ““Eyes for Designs”” ignites the imagination through the influences of glamour and applying it to your everyday life.

We believe that playing “dress-up” doesn’t just apply to children using apparel to “dress-up” but rather how the individual can “play dress-up” within their own homes; revamping, restyling, recreating, and rebuilding upon whenever, the “eyes” are inspired for change.

Keep your “eyes” on ““Eyes for Designs””.  We promise it will be “eye catching” and a “site to see”!

Styled and Design,

Sabrina Alexis

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