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Spooktacular Colors!!!!!!


Spirit of Orange and Black

In the spirit of Halloween there’s no better time for orange and black color design.  Orange being a huge trend recently in home décor and black being the classic, these two colors although opposite bring a fresh and exciting vibe.

The second most commercially successful holiday in The United States is Halloween.  The Snickers candy bar is the number one choice or popular candy.  With candy revenue of over two billion dollars annually in the United States, we understand why it is the second most celebrated holiday.

“There is no blue without yellow and without orange.”- Vincent Van Gogh

“Orange is the happiest color” – Frank Sinatra

According to feng shui specialist, the two energies are opposite in spectrums however both have powerful meanings and promote an energy that is creative.

Warmth, bright, lively, fire, sun, are all words that are used to describe the color orange typically. Much of the same descriptions or meanings are the symbolism of this color. In combination of red and yellow the color orange is associated with enthusiasm, sunshine, joy, happiness, determination, encouragement, etc.  The color is very hot especially to the human eye, and translates to the brain as a motivator that increases the oxygen and stimulates the mental state.



The “orange” scented crayon that was released by Binney and Smith Inc in 1994 was part of their ‘Magic Scent Crayons’ and was actually retired as too many children had been reported as eating the scented crayon.  Later the scented crayon “orange” had a name change and was then called “tulip” as a way of keeping the product but limit the consumption by the consumer.

Throughout the world the color orange is used for safety and to grab the attentions of civilians.  In China the color orange actually holds meaning to symbolize love and happiness.  In the Netherlands’ it represents the national color and the Dutch War of Independence and rebel Prince of Orange, whom was Protestant English king and Dutch Stadholder.  In the United States the color is used both in construction as well as national security.  In compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, it is required that particular construction equipment be painted orange for safety, and is also used to set things apart such as traffic cones, zoning devices, etc.


“People can have the Model T in any color- so long as it’s black.” – Henry Ford

Considered the unknown, black actually has a lot regarding it to be known.  A color of power, formality, mystery, elegance, yet classical and full of possibility, Evoking strong emotions the color black is authoritative and assertive.  The prestigious color gives depth as well as plays with perception.  In fashion wearing the color black can improve the appearance of an individual by making them look “thinner”.  Other times when one wears a black suit they are considered more powerful or successful.

A contrast to all other colors black stands out and is special.  Black is unique as it goes with all colors of the color wheel.  Combination of the color accents dimensions.  Another powerful term in the design industry is the saying, “the new black”.  Many times in fashion of all sorts a new hot color or trendy color is considered the “new black” of its time.

Dating back to in history to at least the Roman Empire in the West, the color black was worn for times of mourning.  The Aztec culture due to the black obsidian glass that was used to cut the edge of battle swords the color now signifies war.  Priests would dress only in black as a symbol of religion.  China holds the color black meaning to a variety of things.  Black is associated with winter, the north, and water.  Traditional apparel worn by boys was black.

Black also has a prestige to it and gives definition to an event by dress code, “Black Tie.”


Black however also has meaning or symbolism to it in which some may interpret as negative.  The color can be known to represent emptiness, voids, emptiness, or the feeling of inconspicuous.  Yet all of this relates back to the mystery that is evoked by the color black and the unknown possibility that darkness that can be known as fear.

This color really makes us appreciate the empowerment it embodies with elegance.

The masculine yet sophisticated black in combination with the hot and vibrant orange add statement with swagger.  This usage of colors together isn’t just for the fall harvest or spooky night, but is a great combo for the home year round.

Not so “black and white”…Orange and Black develop harmony with excitement drawing the eye directly; catching the attention with a bold statement.

Happy Halloween!!!

Style and Design,

Sabrina Alexis