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So NOT Vanilla or bland:

Beige and tones of creamy white clothes are often accessorized the same way that sofas and sitting places are. The usage of plants adds accent bringing life to the living areas.  By using neutral  color sofas it opens the opportunity to possibility to transforms the interior with the times.  Your interior designer can always update with inspiration changes when you have a neutral canvas.

One way to think of the creamy color sofa is like an ice cream cone.  You get to put all the toppings you want on it.  The toppings can be colorful like sprinkles, simple like chocolate chips, either way; the color is always on top.

No longer considered drab, grey has become a new trend in the pallet of design.  This color brings contemporary, chic, relaxing vibrations to any room.  With calming attributes this room brings sophistication with stainless steel accents on the lamp, bar stools, sconces, as well as the wall art sculpture.  The rhythm of the room makes it fresh, inviting, and gives a spirit of infinity.


The striking window drapery adds a dramatic touch along with tying in the pattern on the silk and wool area rug.  The squares don’t stop here; they continue to be the main focus of the room, from the coffee tables, the chairs, shape of the couch, the wall décor, and the outline of the windows.  The trees that stand on either side of the wall table, brings the outdoors in and shows the relationship to the plants on the other side of the window.

Marble that matches the color of the sofas is another way of using this neutral base.  The espresso brown end tables, coffee tables, sculpture, and planter contrasting in color brings scale and balance to the room.  The ying and yang of décor.  This room displays a warm contemporary style with a touch of tradition.  The exotic zebra wood used at the back of the room brings your eye to the TV placed on wall.


The candle sticks add height to the room drawing your eye up to the T & G ceiling.  The leather reclining chairs almost give you a nautical feeling on a yacht just setting sail off Palm Beach. The throw pillows tie this room ties together every element of color.

Electronic automated window coverings bring shade when need be but maintains the nature of the space.

Beige or other tones of white represent eloquence and hidden harmony.  Why this color is special, simple, because it consists of undertones of every color on the color wheel pending the shades you select to go with it.

Understated, but a statement, and noticed by all.  Beige is the new “Black” in interiors full of flavor entices the senses!  BUFF the color of nudity could… possibly be!

Style and Design,

Sabrina Alexis & Susan Lachance