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Fantastic things come in small spaces!!!!!


Did you know:  The “Powder Room” also known as, the “half-bath” originally got its name in the late 18th century as it was a small space for “re-powdering” ones wig.  Even though much has changed since then, one main “usage” remains: it’s a small room used mostly by visitors.

In fashion, an accessory adds “oomph” to your outfit; so does this “petite room” tucked inside your home.  It is the room where you don’t always have to follow the rules or stick to one type of styled design.

A space that is open to creative expression, and where it is okay not to “match” the theme of decor.  “Powder rooms” are a separate entity of their own.

“Good things come in small packages”-(Proverb), is the best way to describe a space of this size.  It is commonly visited more than any other room by your friends.

Small in size as far as square footage goes, this is the one room where you control everything inside.  What your guests sees, relates, etc without having your eyes on them or theirs on you.


Couture describes this best.  Lighting by sconces gives the “powder room” a dramatic effect, enhancing the designs on the mirror.  The marble resting on glass legs distributes elegance that is timeless with a traditional flair.  Chandelier centers the room, textured illusion wall coverings enhances a cozy yet hip notion.

Décor restricts by, the owner‘s digression; letting or giving the visitor only what they want to be viewed.  In addition for the visitor, it is the one place where it registers the creative suggestion with impression.

Frequently used, it’s no wonder why subconsciously we make the “powder room” the jewel of the Nile, delivers a certain feeling to the one inside.

Exuding in specialty, the “half bath” is usually unique in design filled with detail; containing: a commode, a sink, and a mirror.  The “powder room” holds far more value than what’s listed.  A showcase on display contains décor that’s expressive, with a certain message.


Converting furniture into a vanity is another way to make your “half-bath” distinctive.  The dresser marble-topped vanity as displayed here, along with the gold accented faucets impress tradition mixed with titanic proportions.  Unusual pieces placed where you least expect them is always accepted and complimented.  Brocade wall paper in gold hues sets the mood.

The “powder room” is truly the one “private” place that is respected when the door is shut.

Considered the getaway for freshening one’s self, it’s no surprise; it’s where we let our guard down the most.  Customarily used for washing, refreshing, styling, brushing, scrubbing, etc; evolves into the ultimate “personal” place.


Floral walls dictate the playful mood of this “half-bath”.  The square vessel sink brings contemporary structure to the open sky vibe.

This little space is worth a lot.  A home containing a “half-bath” or “Powder Room” adds value to the investment you made in a home according to National Association of Home Builders.  With this said, it’s no wonder how these “wash rooms” are on display.  The “powder room” is considered stimuli for advertisement and a conversation.

All public bathrooms are essentially “half-baths” as they do not contain a shower, bath etc.  Now with this in mind, how many times have you commented about what the bathroom was like inside?  We all have and remember.  Therefore, the same thought process should be prevalent when designing the “powder room” in your home.

Next time you “powder your nose” you’ll notice how “powder rooms” really are in a design league of their own.

Style and Design,

Sabrina Alexis